‘Sifu’ trailer reveals an updated release date

Sifu will be available soon, but not soon enough

Sloclap has released a new Sifu video that announces the game is releasing sooner than expected.

Sifu’s release date has been moved forward from February 22. Sifu will now release two weeks earlier on February 8. The announcement video also shows more gameplay and hints at the game’s aging mechanic.

The change of date likely comes as several games have announced release dates on or around the 22 of February 2022.


A recent video has shown the behind the scenes process of capturing Sifu’s combat. The video details decision that had to be made about balancing authenticity with gameplay. Much of the animation of Sifu’s Pak Mei Kung Fu is gathered through motion capture and reference video. Animators then tweak the movements to fit the gameplay while keeping as much of the original intent in tact.

NME got to have a look at Sifu’s gameplay earlier this year. We said that Sifu “looks like a hybrid between style fighters like Devil May Cry and the tried and true Arkham brawling style. It wears its influences clearly, which is obvious from its story: Five assassins came and killed your family. Now you have one night to take them down.”

We also discussed Sifu’s aging mechanic, which sees player revive on the spot when they die, but age a few years each time. “With age comes more skill. As Kung Fu is said to take more than a lifetime to master, time will gain you more precision and power in your strikes. However, you will be able to take fewer hits. This also asks how much of your life are you willing to give in the pursuit of vengeance?”

In other news, Deathloop’s latest patch adds new video options and NPC improvements. Enemies will now react better to incoming gunfire, and their nearby fallen allies.

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