‘Silent Hill’ creator reveals ‘Slitterhead’ with a terrifying trailer

The game seems to be about shapeshifting monsters

Bokeh Game Studio – founded by Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama – has premiered a horrifying trailer for its first game, Slitterhead.

The studio revealed the Slitterhead trailer at The Game Awards 2021, and highlighted that Keichiro Toyama is the creative director for the game.

The trailer itself shows a man walking down a dimly-lit alley, before being confronted by a woman that quickly takes on a monstrous form. It looks like these creatures are rampaging across a city, as the trailer shows scenes of several different people trying to fight them off – to varying success.


Slitterhead looks to be incredibly gory, as the trailer isn’t shy of displaying someone get chopped in half by a monster, and there’s some very disturbing scenes involving shapeshifting monsters.

Toyama has shared a video discussing the development of Slitterhead, and clarifies that “it’s still too early to reveal any further details about this game”. He notes that although the studio is “far from being as large as what you may call a AAA-scale team,” he says the studio “works with a sense of unity, while maintaining a perspective of the big picture”.

“Unfortunately it will take some time before our actual release. Until that time, we will be sharing content such as how the production is going and also introducing our staff members through our social media platforms, so we kindly ask for your patience as we continue working on the game,” adds Toyama.

Silent Hill fans can rejoice – as well as being developed by the horror staple’s creator, music for Slitterhead will be provided by Akira Yamaoka, who has created soundtracks for Silent Hill since the very first game.


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