‘Silent Hill’s Keiichiro Toyama supports remakes to “fit the modern era”

"Unlike movies, games are difficult to enjoy as in the original state."

In a recent interview Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill, PT and the upcoming Slitterhead, discussed his opinions on remaking classic games.

While it is rumoured that Konami is outsourcing development for two new Silent Hill titles to revive the franchise, Keiichiro Toyama has been working on an original IP with his own company Bokeh Game Studio. In an interview with VGC, he spoke about his opinions on remaking older titles and bringing them to the time “we live in today.”

“Unlike movies, games are difficult to enjoy as in the original state. Obviously because of the platform, but as time goes by, game mechanics, especially in usability, lack rationality and sophistication. Visually speaking it’s clearly not made for modern equipment, so I absolutely don’t have any objection to modifying an original essence to fit the modern era which we live in today.”


He also discussed issues he perceived with remaking a game like Silent Hill, where the gameplay is based around suspense, compared to the success of the Resident Evil remakes (called Biohazard in Japan), which are very action-focused.

“I think it (Silent Hill) would be harder to remake than Biohazard, because the gameplay as a concept is a little older, – It’s not an action game where you can just refine the action as in Biohazard. To bring Silent Hill up to current standards or to polish up the graphics, the fans wouldn’t be satisfied. That’s not what it was about – how beautiful it was. I think you’d have to rethink the concept to make it interesting to fans.”

While the rumoured Silent Hill games are not necessarily remakes, it would be interesting to hear Toyama’s opinions on them if they are officially announced.

In other news, with an initial release date of December 2017, Nightdive Studios has shared screenshots from its System Shock remake project, which raised over £1 million on Kickstarter.