‘Sims 4’ to get free updates called “scenarios” starting next week

“Making money” and “finding love after a breakup” are the first two scenarios

Next week’s free content update is adding a new mode to Sims 4, as detailed in a recent (October 26) Inside Maxis stream. 

Called “scenarios”, these are a “new way to play The Sims” that provides players with specific situations that lead towards different outcomes. Next week’s update will see two scenarios, titled “making money” and “finding love after a breakup”. The former will have players controlling a Sim with zero Simoleons in their bank account, where they will then need to work their way up to 1million.

Players can make that money in plenty of different ways, they can work normally and slowly accumulate the cash, or they can cheat and steal. More information about scenarios can be found in the embedded stream video below.


Once the update is live, a button reading “New Scenario” will appear on the main base game startup screen, where players can then select between the two scenarios, with more to come in future. Initially, scenarios will only be playable with a new household, but the team is working towards a future update that allows players to use existing households for the scenarios.

These scenarios start out largely the same as a normal game of Sims 4, as players will need to create a character and move into a lot (although depending on the scenario, exactly how many Sims players need or where they can move will change). After that it is almost entirely up to them to decide how they will reach whatever challenge the scenario sets them.

The Sims 4
The Sims 4. Credit: Electronic Arts

Some scenarios in Sims 4 will also be available for a limited time, like the upcoming “too many toddlers” and “perfectly well-rounded” modes coming to the EA title.


In other news, content coming to the Sims 4 in the established roadmap will focus on “improving content” already in the game itself.