‘Skull & Bones’ developers have been approached by union members, claims report

This was a "surprise", said Ubisoft Singapore

Ubisoft Singapore, the developer of the upcoming Skull & Bones, was reportedly approached by a union and now a “ballot exercise” will determine whether employees are able to be represented through the organisation.

Kotaku‘s report also referenced the departure of Elisabeth Pellen. Joining Ubisoft Singapore in 2019, she was the third creative director to be boarded onto Skull & Bones and the game itself has been in development since 2013. Pellen has been relocated to Ubisoft Paris and is now the online editorial director there.

“Five years ago, Elisabeth Pellen went to Ubisoft Singapore with a mission to reboot the creative direction of Skull & Bones,” said a spokesperson for Ubisoft told in a statement sent to the publication. “She succeeded, and the Skull & Bones team is now fulfilling her vision to deliver a unique naval action RPG experience to our players.”


As well as this, it appeared that Ubisoft Singapore has caught the interest of the country’s Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU). Apparently, members were approaching developers with flyers over lunch breaks, which was a “surprise” to the studio’s human resources team.

‘Skull & Bones’ Credit: Ubisoft

“At the request of the Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU), a branch of Singapore’s National Trade Union Congress, a ballot exercise is being conducted this week among eligible team members in the studio to determine whether formal recognition should be granted,” said a spokesperson in an email to Kotaku.

Continuing, Ubisoft Singapore added that there are “appropriate mechanisms and initiatives in place” to ensure that employees’ positive and negative opinions are acted on. Moreover, it mentioned that last year the company was voted a “Great Place to Work” by its own employees.

“We will continue to engage with our team members to gather their feedback and work together to create a workplace where everyone can thrive,” concluded Ubisoft Singapore. On the other hand, the CMPU did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Kotaku.

Skull & Bones is expected to launch for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in 2024.


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