‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ patch fixes irritating black screen crash

Skyrim Script Extender has been updated to support the patch

The first patch for Skyrim Anniversary Edition is here, and it aims to fix the black screen crash error that some players have been experiencing. To ensure mods continue to work after the update, Skyrim Script Extender has already been updated to support the patch.

While it’s a very small patch for PC, the first Skyrim Anniversary Edition patch fixes a very common issue that players were experiencing. Since the game’s launch on November 11, players were reporting that they were getting frequent crashes after going into a loading screen. One modder identified that it was because Skyrim Anniversary Edition was loading mods too quickly, which meant that some mods were able to temporarily fix the issue by slowing it down.

Luckily, that should no longer be a problem, as the latest patch “fixed an issue where players were experiencing a “black screen” upon launching”. The full patch is only 28.5 MB, and also fixed localisation issues for Russian, Polish, German and French copies.


Skyrim Anniversary Edition mods
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda.

While there were some concerns that patch 1.6.323 would break mods – which only recently avoided a “modpocalypse” – an update to Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), which many mods rely on to work, was released shortly after the patch went live.

The latest Skyrim Script Extender update adds support for the latest patch, and now reports plugin error messages directly through the mod.

“Part of the plugin manager rewrite’s goal is to unify this where possible and provide consistent messaging so users hopefully understand what needs to be done more often,” explained SKSE developer Extrwi on Reddit.

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