‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ patch incoming according to Bethesda

One day Skyrim will be fixed, but it's not today

An update for Skyrim Anniversary Edition is coming soon according to Bethesda. 

On their Discord, a member of the Bethesda team said: “We are aware of the 0kb error some PS4 players are experiencing as well as the ‘black screen’ issue.” They continued: “The team has been working on a fix for these (it’s taking a little longer than we’d like) and hopes to have them resolved as soon as we can.”

This follows recent reports that players who downloaded mods were encountering an issue where they were faced with a black screen, which modders claimed was due to the game loading mods too fast.


According to a Reddit thread by JosephRussell97 (thanks, PC Gamer), creator of the Lucien mod, the Skyrim Anniversary Edition is crashing because it’s actually loading the scripts behind each mod too quickly.

“It was a bit inconsistent, and worse for some reason when using Alternate Start. After some digging through my papyrus logs, I theorised that what was happening was the script was running faster than it used to,” explains Russell.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda.

“This meant that when the player loaded the game, Inigo’s esp was detected, so the game tried to grab his reference to put into the alias. However, as the script was running so fast, Inigo’s reference hadn’t had time to load, so the script was attempting to fill the alias with a NULL, causing a crash.”

While some users were able to fix this problem by adding a short delay which allows the game to check that the mods are running correctly, a more official fix is seemingly on the way from Bethesda.


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