‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ to get aquariums

Forget about adventuring, open up a nice aquarium and retire

Skyrim Anniversary Edition will have aquariums so that you can show off all the fish you catch. This mechanic will run deep, including customisable tanks and wall displays for your aquatic victories.

Fishing, petting dogs, and cooking are all features many people love in their games, and now Skyrim will have not only fishing, but the ability to display the fish you catch in aquariums too.

Bethesda announced in a tweet that players will be able to build aquariums in all their Hearthfire homes once the update launches on November 11.


As well as displaying living specimen in fish tanks, your larger trophies can be displayed on the walls of your abode on wooden planks, serving as a warning to the little fish below that they’d better not swim out of line.

Skyrim just keeps on giving, and it seems Bethesda has found something not already provided for by the expansive modding community.

The aquariums in the teaser video seem to have subtle decorative differences in them, signifying that each could be individually customisable. A little sunken ship or some draugr ruins could really spruce up a fish tank.

The ability to fish within Skyrim Anniversary Edition comes alongside several other key updates – including an optional survival mode and a line of Shivering Isles-themed quests.

It’s not all good news for the Anniversary Edition, however, as Redditors have noted that the upcoming Anniversary patch may break mods on PC, just as the recent Fallout 3 update did.


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