‘Skyrim’ player breaks the game by reaching level 241 before leaving Helgen

"I died when I tried to leave the tutorial. A lot."

One Skyrim player spent weeks levelling up in the tutorial area, only to find that being massively over-levelled actually made their game much harder.

In a Reddit post spotted by GamesRadar, user Harlen_Sinclair chipped in to discuss an ongoing exploit where players can earn significant levels without leaving Helgen, Skyrim‘s tutorial area. The exploit in question involves hitting your companion repeatedly, who won’t take lethal damage but will still provide XP for hitting them.

Sinclair revealed that this bug has been around since 2016, as they show the results of spending “the course of a few weeks” exploiting it. As a result, Sinclair was able to hit the lofty heights of level 241 without ever leaving Skyrim‘s opening area.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Credit: Bethesda

When Sinclair finally left Helgen, they found that things weren’t quite as easy as they were expecting. While Sinclair was level 241 – with level 100 one-handed and sneak – other enemies had scaled up to maximum level. Unfortunately, these enemies were scaled up with better equipment, while Sinclair was left with the shoddy armour and weaponry handed out at the start.

Explaining, Sinclair stated “the convenience of having all the perk points available was quickly outweighed by the challenge of max level enemies. I was great at sneaking! Everything else…not so much.”

“I died when I tried to leave the tutorial. A lot. Having the 100 one-handed helped, but having the most basic weapons and armour made some of those enemies very risky.”

As a result of the mismatched levelling, Sinclair shared that “Bleak Falls Barrow goes from a casual walk in the park to a fight for your life when random bandits/enemies are at their max level”.


In other news, a Skyrim modder has given the gloomy swamp-hold of Falkreath a gorgeous overhaul, bringing it up to level with the rest of the major cities across the game.

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