‘Slay The Spire’ will come to iOS later this month

An Android version is currently in the works

MegaCrit Games has announced that its popular deck-building roguelike game, Slay The Spire, will be making its way onto iOS sometime in June.

The studio announced the iOS port in a short update on Slay The Spire‘s events page on Steam. While the studio hasn’t revealed a specific release date yet, it suggested that the game would be revealed during Guerrilla Collective, an online digital games festival which was scheduled for June 6.

However, Guerrilla Collective has since been postponed in light of the ongoing protests in America. It is currently unclear if MegaCrit will now be announcing Slay The Spire’s iOS release date on its own, or during Guerrilla Collective’s rescheduled dates.


The iOS port will cost USD$9.99 when it launches, and will be the “complete, spire-climbing experience you have already enjoyed on PC”, according to the statement.

“The Android version is still in the works but we’re not quite ready to talk about release yet,” MegaCrit said. “As we know a large part of our community are excited to play Slay The Spire on mobile we took the decision to launch the iOS version first.”

Slay The Spire was officially released on PC, Mac and Linux in January 2019. The game has since been ported for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

In other mobile game news, developer Gismart has launched Games For Artists, a new initiative for musicians that enables them to promote their music and brand through the company’s new hyper-casual games. Additionally, musicians partnered with the scheme will receive a share in profits of the game.

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