‘Smash Bros.’ director Masahiro Sakurai says there are no plans for sequel

"I can’t really think about future prospects at the moment"

Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai has said that Nintendo currently has no plans for a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Speaking to IGN, the long-time Smash Bros. creative said that “it would be best not to assume that there will always be another one.”

“I can’t really think about future prospects at the moment,” Sakurai added. “If Nintendo decides they want to make another one and offers me the job, that’s when I’d start thinking about it.”


“Currently, there are no such plans [for another Smash Bros.]. It would be best not to assume that there will always be another one,” he added.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stars
Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Credit: Nintendo

Sakurai also alluded to the fact that he may step away from video games altogether, or just find himself a different role within video game development. “I may not necessarily continue with creating more games, as I could potentially go down a different path. As for involvement with the gaming industry, there are various ways to do that. I like to keep an open mind about what I should do and take a look at all the different possibilities.”

If Sakurai did come back to Smash Bros. he doesn’t think the next title would be on the same scale as Ultimate, because the scale would be too much. “At the very least, I don’t think it would head in a direction where all of the current fighters are kept and the roster continues to expand. I presume that running such a game on a hypothetical new system alone would exceed the game’s budget.

“However, if we try to keep things fresh by shifting to a different genre or greatly changing the direction, then it’s no longer a Super Smash Bros. game. I can’t deny that making this title so expansive has made it a tough act to follow.”


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