Some Xbox 360 ‘Halo’ titles have had matchmaking shut down

Matchmaking was “sunsetting” this month for a few titles

The matchmaking for some Halo titles on Xbox 360 has started being shut down ahead of the promised closure in January 2022.

As outlined by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Mint Blitz on Twitter, it was thought that matchmaking for Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and some playlists in Halo 3 have finally gone down forever.

After checking the matchmaking portions of both Reach and Halo 3 we can confirm the servers are down as any attempt to matchmake in the Xbox 360 versions are met with the message “information could not be retrieved from Xbox LIVE”.


A Waypoint post recently outlined that Xbox 360 game servers for some legacy titles would be going down on January 13, 2022. After this date, these games can still be played, but online services will no longer be available. The Master Chief Collection is unaffected by these changes.

The post does outline in a flow chart that some of the services will be “sunsetting” in December 2021, including the matchmaking for the above titles on Xbox 360, although no specific date was given. So it looks like these services are now completely gone from the Xbox 360 versions.

Halo Reach
Halo Reach. Credit: Microsoft

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification on the specific dates that all of the matchmakings has gone down.

343 Industries announced recently that the free-to-play multiplayer in Halo Infinite would finally be getting some long-requested game modes as playlists, including Slayer, Free-For-All, Fiesta, and SWAT. Originally some new variants of Slayer were to come alongside the original, but because they were going to take longer the developer decided to “bolster and expand” Slayer with these new versions down the line instead.


In other news, more skins have come to the Halo-themed content pack in Minecraft in conjunction with the full release of Halo Infinite.