Someone is playing ‘Minecraft’ using a Bop-It as a controller

Think 'Minecraft' is too easy? Try fighting off creepers with just a Bop-It

A Minecraft player has built a new controller for the game, made out of a Bop-It toy.

Seth Altobelli, an engineering student from the United States, created the controller by taking apart a Bop-It – the classic children’s toy – and rigging it up to use as a peripheral.

The entire process has been documented in a YouTube video:


Altobelli to repurposed the old toy into a new controller by adding an accelerometer as well as a Raspberry Pi Pico in order to let the controller communicate with the PC.

“There’s only one game that’s a true test of skill,” says Altobelli. “A game that separates the boys from the men, the humans from the pigs, the most influential scientific discovery of our era – the Bop-It.”

The children’s’ game – which was popular in the ‘90s – was used as a basis for the controller because it provides more of a challenge. The controller was made by Altobelli for fellow YouTuber Technoblade who beat Minecraft using a steering wheel just a few years ago.

“You can steer by tilting the Bop-It and then to walk you can press the front ‘Bop-It’ button, toggling it into walk mode,” explains Altobelli.


In other Minecraft news, the game is set to receive the first part of its next update, Caves & Cliffs, on June 8.

Mojang Studios has announced that the first part of the update – which has been split into two parts – will be released for the Java version of Minecraft, as well as Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on every platform it is currently available on, which includes Xbox Series X|SPS5Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC.

1.17 will be available on June 8, and contains new wildlife in the form of goats and axolotl, as well as a new enemy mob called the Warden, a blind mob that lurks in the Deep Dark Biome.