‘Sonic Colours Ultimate’ receives new update following shaky launch

Gotta patch fast!

Sonic Colours Ultimate has received a new patch, titled 2.6, that aims to address some vital areas of the game that require improvements.

The update is live and across all platforms that the game is on (thanks, Eurogamer), including, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

The patch notes include:

  • Improved stability
  • Updates to save game system
  • Improvements to audio mixing
  • Music now loops in the credits
  • Switch: Eggman fireworks now appear at the end of Terminal Velocity
  • PC: fix for when Captain Jelly wouldn’t take damage from Yellow Drill Wisp
  • Various bug fixes
  • Update to “giving credit where credit’s due” achievement

Sonic Colours: Ultimate
Sonic Colours: Ultimate. Credit: Sega

When Sonic Colours Ultimate launched in September of this year it was met with reports of plenty of game crashing and dangerous glitches across all platforms, but the Nintendo Switch was worse off than the others. At that time it was reported that the team were listening and preparing patch work, with this recent 2.6 update being one of them.

In our review we gave the title three out of five stars saying: “When Sonic Colors Ultimate feels like a Sonic game, it’s tremendously satisfying. When it deviates from the familiar pattern, it all feels a bit too slow and forced, shoving in too many ideas to master any of them.”

Elsewhere in the realm of the blue blur, a recent trademark filing by Sega seems to indicate that the next title in the series will be called Sonic Frontiers, lending credence to the rumour that the game will take cues from Breath of the Wild.

In other news, Epic Games has acquired Harmonix, the developer behind titles like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, to create musical experiences for FortniteWe still don’t know exactly what form these experiences will take, but will find out soon enough.