‘Sonic Frontiers’ delay being pushed by fans after recent footage

"I pray to god that it's just a pre-alpha build"

Following recent footage of open-world exploration and combat, fans are pushing for Sonic Frontiers to receive a delay past this year.

This campaign has come from the “#DelaySonicFrontiers” hashtag, which was briefly trending on Twitter recently. At the time of publication, over 13 minutes of footage has been released via IGN’s YouTube channel as part of the IGN First coverage of the game, with the videos receiving ire from fans due to the performance, Sonic’s animations arguably being stiff and unnatural, a seeming lack of momentum, and combat that appears to be sluggish and dull.

One YouTuber, LegitimatNoodle, posted on Twitter: “For the sake of Sonic Team I pray to god that it’s just a pre-alpha build”, while another, LonelyGoomba, stated: “Sonic Frontiers looks like they made an open world game automated. It’s so weird. That gameplay demo had so many dash panels into springs and automation….” (via VGC).


At the time of publication, the World Premiere footage is sitting at 2.3million views, while the combat footage has 1million. Needles to say, there are a lot of eyes on this recent project from Sonic Team, which is looking to push the franchise into a brand-new direction, placing Sonic within the series’ first true open-world as opposed to the more linear structure of previous titles.

Sonic Frontiers already received an internal delay, originally being scheduled to release last year to coincide with the franchise’s 30th anniversary, as Sonic Team and Sega “postponed the release for a year in order to further brush up the quality.” Sega also stated in a recent investors Q&A “we are currently working hard to improve the quality of the game toward its sales for the holiday season.”

The next set of coverage for the game is slated to be released on IGN on Tuesday June 7.

In other news, Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake has received another delay.

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