‘Sonic’ has a “narrative driven” mobile platformer in development

The title will be a narrative platformer according to a job listing

A new Sonic The Hedgehog “narrative driven platform game” for mobile is coming from Sega, according to a job listing.

The job was made public on July 22, with Sega’s Hardlight studio – which developed the Sonic Forces mobile port and Sonic Dash – looking for a lead artist on what it calls a “new Sonic game.”

It’s being described as “a new, exciting, and ambitious narrative driven platform game” with the project being described as one that the applicant “will understand the limitations of a mobile game but still push the quality towards console levels.”


The listing itself can be found on GamesIndustry.biz (via VGC), alongside some other listings for a number of Hardlight projects, with a Senior UI Artist job working across Sonic mobile projects as well.

Sonic Origins
‘Sonic The Hedgehog Origins’. CREDIT: Sega/YouTube

This job will work on “current and future mobile games,” although any more specifics about the next mobile game aren’t mentioned in the listing.

Whilst there’s little to go off with the original job listing, it looks as though this new mobile game will in fact be different to Sega Hardlight’s infinite runner games, or at least incorporate a narrative into that genre.

On top of a number of mobile titles, Hardlight has worked on Sonic Racing for Apple Arcade and Two Point Hospital as well.

In the meantime, Sonic Frontiers is the next 3D title in the franchise set to release sometime this year. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has also said he knows what the next game after Frontiers is, but that he won’t reveal it. Those with a hankering for more 2D Sonic can also check out this newly released fan game, too.


In other news, Call Of Duty: Warzone currently has a new “mini royale” game mode that lets you play as a zombie.

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