‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ gets a Sega-approved ‘Roblox’ game

The open-world game features online races

Sonic The Hedgehog has an official multiplayer game in Roblox thanks to a collaboration with Sega.

Announced yesterday (April 13) by developer Gamefam Studios, Sonic Speed Simulator is a Roblox game created with the help of developers on the platform, and it’s officially approved by Sega.

The multiplayer and open-world Sonic game features five levels to explore, which features several races to win and characters to unlock. “In the game, players will be able to level up and gain speed by running through multiple unique worlds while racing against friends to earn rewards, including pets that can increase stats and Sonic character skins,” says the press release (via Eurogamer).


Gamefam Studios, a team that focuses on creating games within Roblox, has shared that Sonic Speed Simulator will receive weekly updates, with more to come alongside the game’s full release.

The game can be found here, and requires a payment of 50 Robux (a minimum purchase of 400 costs £4.59) to try out until it goes free-to-play with a full launch in the future. Sonic Speed Simulator can be played on all Roblox platforms including PC, mobile, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Sonic Speed Simulator
Sonic Speed Simulator. Credit: Gamefam Studios / Sega

Sega’s involvement with Sonic Speed Simulator continues the trend of the company recognising fan-made projects. For example, 2017’s Sonic Mania was led by Christian Whitehead, a member of the Sonic community that Sega previously contracted to develop remastered Sonic ports for mobile.

For those wanting a Sega-developed Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers is currently being developed by Sonic Team, and is set to release on all major platforms this year.


In other news, Season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard has been confirmed, and it looks like Legendary’s MonsterVerse is coming to the battle royale.

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