Sony exceeds sales forecast selling over 7 million PS5 consoles

DLC and microtransactions generated 34% of Sony's profit last year

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released its financial results for the year, revealing it had sold 7.8million PS5 consoles.

The figures show that the PS5 outsold the PS4 in the same initial release window of six months. Sony’s PS4 sold 7million units when it released in 2014, placing the PS5 around ten per cent ahead.

Sony initially estimated a forecast of 7.6million consoles, although it was likely a cautious prediction considering its ongoing supply chain issues.


The financial results also revealed how the PS4’s total lifetime sales for the console are now at 115.9million units. The total number of sales dropped by only 0.4million, compared to the same time period last year.

The results also showed how boxed retail titles only generated five per cent of Sony’s total profit. Console and hardware made up 20 per cent, while digital game sales generated 21 per cent of the business’ profits.

Call Of Duty Warzone Games of Summer
Call Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision

Sony’s biggest profit generator was add content purchased for games, which sits at 34 per cent. This included additional DLC for games, but also microtransactions which can be used to purchase in-game currency in titles like Call Of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite and FIFA.

The ongoing global semiconductor shortage has caused issues in the PS5’s production process. It’s been over six months since the console released, and many consumers are still struggling to buy a PS5.

Numerous retailers introduced lottery systems in an effort to reduce scalper involvement and create a fairer purchasing environment for consumers.


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