Sony has finally revealed the PS5 user interface

Multiple new features have been introduced to make the interface easier to use

Sony has provided fans with a first look at the PlayStation 5’s user interface (UI).

During a brand-new State Of Play episode, the company broke down all the new implementations and changes made to the system’s UI and how it will affect players’ gaming experiences going forward.

The biggest feature is the Control Centre, which can be accessed via booting the console up from rest mode or simply pressing the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller. The Control Centre presents a variety of cards known as Activities, which act at quick links to content on the PS5. These can range from being transporting to certain aspects of games, to party chat invitations.


Activities will also show the percentage made so far to various in-game challenges and will also offer an estimated time of completion. Certain PS5 titles will also benefit from offering hints through short videos which can be snapped onto the screen, negating the need to venture online to find the answer and risk any potential spoilers.

The aim, the company says, is to make the UI design more intuitive and as simple as possible. To make things easier for players, the PlayStation Store has also been integrated into the UI to speed up the process. Games can also be played through Quick Resume to drop you straight back into the action.

Check out the full video below:

Sony also spent a portion of the video delving into the Share function on the DualSense controller, which will allow users to take pictures and screenshots up to 4K resolution. Images can be sent to friends and will even have a spoiler warning if PlayStation deems the image as being an in-game spoiler.

More details about the PS5 have been promised for the coming weeks ahead of launch and will delve further into features such as the UI.


Earlier this week (October 13), the PS5’s boot-up sound was revealed via a Burger King advert, whilst a full breakdown of the console was showcased last week (October 9), delving into its unique features.

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