Sony is reportedly doubling production of the PlayStation 5

Production of the DualSense controller has also been increased

Sony is reportedly increasing PlayStation 5 production to meet expected demand when it launches later this year during the 2020 holiday season.

The company is preparing to double production to 10million units to meet the increased demand for gaming caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Sony had initially planned to only produce a “limited” number of units, roughly five to six million by the end of March 2021.

The report noted that Sony’s revised production plan takes into account concerns of a second COVID-19 wave in several territories. The company is anticipating more people will be staying at home and turning to gaming as a form of entertainment.


Sony has reportedly informed multiple assembly partners and suppliers it’s increasing production numbers of the console. Under the current production timeline, the first five million units are expected to be completed by September, with the second half to be produced between October and December.

PlayStation 5
The DualSense controller is also reportedly increasing production. Credit: Sony

Additionally, production of the DualSense controller for the console has reportedly been increased. Originally 10 million controllers were expected to be made, but now that number has increased to coincide with the increase in PS5 consoles being created.

Bloomberg also noted that the increased production might still not be enough for the upcoming year-end holiday season. The report noted that restocking the console could be an issue as a large portion of the PS5 systems are manufactured in China and shipments to the US and Europe can take several months.

Sony hosted a PlayStation 5 reveal event last month which gave viewers a first-look at the upcoming system. Across the show multiple new titles were announced, including a new entry in the Ratchet & Clank series and a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

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