Sony reveals the PlayStation 5 start-up sound via a Burger King ad

It was previewed in a new Burger King advert

Sony has officially unveiled the start-up sound of the upcoming PlayStation 5 console through a recently released Burger King advert.

The teaser is the first time players will be able to hear the sound that the PS5 will play upon booting up. The short advert captures the fast-food chain’s mascot opening up a paper bag, which triggers the sound of the PS5.

Check out the PS5’s boot-up noise below:


Sony is partnering with Burger King in the US and multiple other territories to offer the fast-food chain’s customers a chance to win a PS5.

The news follows a string of recent updates about the console. Last week, Sony released a teardown video of the PS5, introducing key components of the system. It was revealed that the faceplates can easily be removed and storage can be added.

Sony also published a full breakdown on the PS5’s backwards compatibility options. Most games will function on the forthcoming system, outside a select few. Sony also stated that numerous PS4 titles will use Game Boost to increase performance, such as bumping Ghost Of Tsushima to 60 frames per second.

The PS5 is set to launch on November 12 in certain territories, with a global launch following on November 19.

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