Sony renews trademark on PS4 cult classic ‘The Order: 1886’

Is a sequel in Order?

Sony has renewed its trademark for PS4 title The Order: 1886, sparking fan speculation that a sequel is in the works.

The trademark application was filed on December 9 (as spotted by TheGamer). Currently, the trademark application “has been accepted by the Office (has met the minimum filing requirements) and has not yet been assigned to an examiner.”

As Sony appears to be renewing its existing trademark, it’s unlikely that it won’t be granted. It could also be the case that this is all it is – a legally necessary renewal. However, it is notable as essentially the first time Sony has done anything relating to the property in years.


The Order: 1886 originally launched back in February 2015, developed by Ready at Dawn. A steampunk horror title, the game saw players as members of the eponymous Order – an evolution of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table – in an alternate history to 19th century London. With humanity under threat from “halfbreed” beasts – werewolves, vampires, and more – The Order used an assortment of advanced weapons to fight back.

In practice, this meant a lot of cover shooting and deploying gadgets at various monsters. While the game was praised for its aesthetics, tone, and style, it met an initially mediocre response, with its relatively short play time criticised. However, The Order: 1886 has since attracted something of a “cult favourite” status, with the original game’s cliffhanger ending leaving fans eager for more.

However, if Sony is planning a follow-up, it’ll be with a new developer at the helm. Original studio Ready at Dawn was acquired by Oculus in June 2020, and now exclusively creates VR titles.

Elsewhere, Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock Studios has been acquired by Chinese gaming giant Tencent. The game has also finally introduced a proper single player campaign, allowing progress that had previously been locked behind multiplayer.

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