Sony to shut down PlayStation Store support for PS3, PSP in July

The PS Vita’s PlayStation Store support will end in August

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced that it will end support for the PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP and PS Vita later this year.

The news was shared via an update to Sony’s Discontinued PlayStation apps, features and services page on its website. Per the update, support for the PlayStation Store on PS3 will end on July 2, and August 27 for the PS Vita. Support for the PSP will also end on July 2.

From now until the services’ closure, players can still purchase and download games from the PlayStation Store. Once the services are no longer in operation, players will still be allowed to download previously purchased titles, but can no longer purchase new items.


The same will apply to other forms of media that are available through the PlayStation Store, including films, videos and apps.

The news of the service’s closure follows a prior report earlier this month that Sony had been toying with the idea of ending support for the PS3’s PlayStation Store. It has also been announced that Sony will be ending support for PS4 Communities and the TV and Movie content rental services later this year.

These steps are being taken to focus more on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, with an eventual move to focus solely on the PS5.

In early January, it was announced that Sony reportedly ceased production of most PS4 models in Japan, including the PS4 Pro, in order to make way for the production of more PS5 units and facilitate “plans to shift PlayStation to PS5 at once this year”, which corroborates SIE CEO Jim Ryan’s previous statements that the company still believes in distinct console generations.

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