Sorry ‘New World’, those bricked RTX 3090’s were actually EVGAs fault

Will the real card bricker please stand up?

EVGA – a vendor for PC parts and gear – has explained that cases of New World bricking Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs was actually due to “poor workmanship” within the cards themselves, and not the MMO’s fault.

Back in July, beta players for Amazon Games‘ MMO New World reported that playing the game had completely fried their RTX 3090, leading to EVGA replacing all damaged RTX 3090s with no questions asked.

Now, EVGA has confirmed to PC World that further analysis of the fried graphics cards has revealed “poor workmanship” was the real cause for the failure. Inspections found that soldering around the MOSFET circuit – a crucial part within the GPU – was done poorly, causing affected cards to break.


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

EVGA added that the batch of cards affected by poor workmanship totaled less than one per cent of RTX 3090 GPUs the company has sold, and that it only received 24 cards that were broken through New World. Further testing conducted by both EVGA and Nvidia was unable to replicate the issue in a specific test version of New World, though both are still trying to work out how much power the beta was able to use while missing a frame rate limiter.

On the end of Amazon Games, a frame rate limiter – which is commonplace in most games and prevents software from reaching risky FPS (frames per second) levels – has been added to the menu system, which at the time seemed to be a contributing factor to the bricked RTX 3090s.

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