‘Space Punks’ is a top-down Borderlands-style loot-shooter

Move over, ‘Helldivers’ – there’s a new shooter in town

Space Punks is a new co-op loot and shooter that takes clear inspiration from the likes of Borderlands and Helldivers – and it’s coming to PC soon.

Developer Flying Wild Hog has revealed its next game, Space Punks, will be heading to the Epic Store for Early Access later this month. The game looks like a gratuitous mix of some loot-shooter favourites.


Space Punks lets you play as one of four playable characters – Duke, Eris, Bob and Finn – as they shoot, smash and slaughter their way across the galaxy in search of… well, loot.

And the player characters each bring their own unique talents, too.

Described as a ‘ramshackle band of misfits on an explosive romp through the galaxy’, the titular Space Punks have something for everyone – tactical abilities, diversionary tactics and even all-out warfare if you fancy playing as a grizzly purple space pig.

The new game from Flying Wild Hog – the developers of Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior – will be free-to-play and is being developed alongside Runescape publishers, Jagex. The main aim of Space Punks is to scour the galaxy for new weapons, armour and other loot. But don’t worry – there’s a battle pass, too to really help you gear up.

More heroes will be added over time, with loot options and a huge arsenal of weapons as a top priority.

Space Punks will be available on Early Access via the Epic Store for founder’s pack purchasers from July 14 this year. A console launch is planned for some time in 2022.


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