‘Spelunky 2’ finally gets a release date, three years after it was announced

It will launch on the PS4 next month, with a PC version to follow

Cave exploration and treasure hunting game Spelunky 2 is set to arrive on PS4 in September, three years after it was first announced.

The game will be released on September 15, developer Mossmouth annocuned during Sony’s recent State Of Play presentation, alongside a new trailer. Spelunky 2 will feature a new, expansive and more interactive world, as well as a new game mode.

The trailer also showcases a bevy of new locales, including outer space, a bee hive and a hell-like dungeon. In these areas, players will be able to encounter new characters and build alliances and an in-game family of explorers. More details were shared via the PlayStation blog.


The sequel also boasts a host of new features, like levers to interact with and new ways to shop. Players can also use a bunch of new items, like the clone gun, which copies whatever is in front of the player.

Check out the trailer for Spelunky 2 below.

A new Arena mode will also be introduced. Arena mode will expand the original game’s Deathmatch mode to include a new competitive mode called Hold The Idol. Arena will also boast an improved interface, new features and extended customization.

Spelunky 2 will also release on PC via Steam shortly after it is released on PS4, developer Derek Yu noted on Twitter. “We’ll need a little extra time to iron out online multiplayer on PC. Release date for that soon,” he wrote.


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