‘Spelunky’ devs say almost all of the game’s secrets have been found

Fans have been digging for years

The developers behind Spelunky have revealed that almost all of the game’s secrets and easter eggs have been found since it launched in 2008.

This was revealed by lead designer Derek Yu in a Reddit AMA on r/NintendoSwitch, which was celebrating the release of Spelunky and Spelunky 2 on Nintendo Switch. In the thread, someone asked the team if 100 per cent of the game had been found, or if there were any secrets left.

“As far as gameplay stuff, yes, as far as I know!” said Yu. “Of course, players were/are finding new things out about Spelunky 1 for years after I thought the game was mined out (no pun intended). Given the nature of the game, what we, the devs, think is the limit is really not even close to the limit.


Spelunky 2
Credit: Ewan Wilson / Mossmouth

“There are still some thematic connections and very subtle, non-mechanical things that maybe players haven’t discovered, though,” Yu added.

The team were also asked about if there was any scrapped content in Spelunky 2, with Yu saying that he designed a bumblebee mount that didn’t make it in. He did the artwork for it and apparently “its main ‘thing’ was that it could fly and stick to walls.”

There are also snowman and snowball files that Yu said were supposed to be in Ice Caves. They didn’t seem worth adding in the end, according to Yu, who added, “At some point, you gotta just finish making the game.”

Questions were also raised about bringing both games to Switch in a physical double pack, to which Yu said he’d be happy to look into, but that “it just takes time to set up.”


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