‘Splatoon 3’ receives a major rebalancing patch for its multiplayer modes

The Version 2.1.0 patch is out tomorrow January 18

Nintendo has confirmed that a big update is being released for Splatoon 3, with the Version 2.1.0 patch focusing on battle adjustments.

The latest update to Splatoon 3 includes several changes to main weapons in a bid to “lessen the impact on some of the weapons from Splatoon 2, where the increased performance of the gear ability was negated in Splatoon 3.”

The Bamboozer 14 Mk 1 now consumes 17 per cent less ink, while the Nautilus 47 has had its firing duration increased by 15 per cent.


Special weapons Tacticooler, Reefslider, Triple Inkstrike and Crab Tank have also been adjusted, while a host of weapon specials now cost less points to achieve, including the Splattershot Pro, the Splattershot Nova and Splat Dualies. However, the Sloshing Machine, the Custom Splattershot Jr. and the Splatana Wiper will now cost more points.

“We reduced the amount needed to fill special gauges for some weapons and within that group strengthened some frequently used short-range weapons to increase player options,” said Nintendo.

“We increased the amount needed to fill special gauges for some weapons and within that group curtailed somewhat the tactic of using sub weapons and special weapons to attack from a distance. We also made some adjustments to increase the manifestation of special weapons.”

Check out the full patch notes here, which include a variety of bug fixes alongside changes to multiplayer and Salmon Run.

The 2.1.0 Version update goes live January 18 in Europe.


According to Nintendo, “the next update will focus on new features and weapon balance for the start of the new season in March.” That update is planned for the end of the current season.

In a four-star review, NME wrote: “Messy and marvellous, Splatoon 3 is an excellent addition to one of Nintendo’s most creative series.  An entertaining campaign delivers fun for all ages, assuming you can pull yourself away from Turf War for five minutes, while the world of Splatsville is a vibrant and immersive treat.”

In other news, during a recent Pokémon Violet livestream, one YouTuber’s credit card details were accidentally revealed by his pet fish.

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