‘Splitgate’ beta is already one of the most-played Steam games

Lots of people are thinking with portals

After a name change, a new beta and popularity with streamers, Splitgate has soared up the Steam ranks for highest concurrent players on the platform over the weekend.

Despite launching back in 2019, Splitgate has caught the interest of a much larger playerbase and now sits as one of the most-played Steam games today.

As visible on the top games by current player count list, Splitgate has peaked at 59,885 concurrent players so far today (August 8) alone, putting the arena shooter above Steam staples like Garry’s Mod and Valheim.


The game is a Halo styled shooter where players can use portals to creatively fight enemies in a variety of arena-style maps.

As reported by Githyp, the Splitgate beta peaked at 67,000 concurrent players over the weekend, which made the game the fifth highest-played game on Steam at the time.

While Splitgate was originally available in Steam early access – then called Splitgate Arena Warfare – back in 2019, the name change and popularity with Twitch streamers seems to have launched the game to new heights.

The game has been so successful, in fact, that players have been contending with queues of up to 90 minutes long just to log in and play. The unexpected popularity caused servers to quickly reach capacity, with developers 1047 Games at the time explaining that “the rate of growth of our playerbase is faster than the rate we can increase server capacity”.

Luckily, since then queue times for Splitgate have been vastly improved with “huge capacity and stability improvements” resulting in an estimated queue time of around five minutes.


In other news, artwork and designs shared on Twitter has revealed ‘Project Nomad’, which would have delivered an open-world AAA Power Rangers game. Unfortunately the project didn’t see the light of day, however fans can still get a small glimpse at what could have been.

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