‘Splitgate’ is so popular that it can take players 90 minutes to log in

Server capacity is being improved, but will take time

1047 Games’ free to play fps Splitgate has hit such large player numbers that queues to play can take up to 90 minutes, despite increased server capacity.

Splitgate originally went into early access in 2019 with little fanfare. However, a recent surge of popularity caused servers to reach capacity. This forced the developers to delay their planned 1.0 release so that they could increase server capacity.

Despite this, logging into the game can lead to queues of up to 90 minutes as the servers reach maximum player counts. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that the game is cross-platform and cross-generation, so all clients connect to the same servers regardless of hardware.


The developers took to Twitter to explain the issues they faced when trying to expand server capacity. They said it is not as simple as buying more servers, comparing it to an expanding restaurant buying more tables but needing more staff and floor space. “The rate of growth of our player base is faster than the rate we can increase server capacity. We are working on a long-term solution to greatly increase server capacity to well over 100k concurrent but this takes time.”

Splitgate itself is a combination of Halo and Portal, with players engaging in frantic gunfights while also having the ability to throw down portals at any moment. The combination of portals and gravity can lead to surprise attacks, traps, and death-defying leaps.

In other news, a Valheim speedrunner has set a world record by beating every boss in the game, except they did it in reverse. 

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