Square Enix announces two new ‘Final Fantasy VII’ mobile games

Both games are headed to iOS and Android

Square Enix announced two new Final Fantasy VII mobile games during Sony’s latest State of Play event.

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis joined Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade to create a trifecta of new Final Fantasy announcements.


Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier below.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a battle royale title that features familiar summons from the RPG series, magical spells, Chocobos and other Final Fantasy mainstays. It takes place in the Final Fantasy VII universe, where the Shinra Electric Company is seeking new participants in its SOLDIER program.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a much more expansive affair, involving additional story elements. It will be structured in separate chapters that tells the entire story of Final Fantasy. From Dirge of Cerberus to Before Crisis, it will include all of the story details seen under the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII name.

Check out the trailer.


Both mobile games are headed to iOS and Android devices later in 2021, though there’s no concrete release date for either just yet.

Previously during the State of Play event, Sony confirmed a new story-centric episode would be coming to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Titled Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, it will focus on materia thief Yuffie. The game will also be seeing an upgrade from PS4 to PS5 that will be free for all players who previously purchased the game.

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