Square Enix recommends changing your ‘Final Fantasy 14’ password following attempted hack

The publisher is encouraging players to use One-Time Passwords to improve account security

Square Enix has raised the alarm about an attempted hack of Final Fantasy 14’s account management system, and is encouraging players to change their passwords.

In a post on the Lodestone blog, the publisher revealed that it was experiencing an attack that is attempting to gain access to the Square Enix Account Management System, by using email address and password combinations that seem to have been obtained from other companies’ online services.

The company reminds players to use different email and password combinations for different services, and avoid easing discernible patterns or characters in their passwords – such as their date of birth, for example.


“Should you happen to be using the same email address and password combination on your Square Enix account as you do for another service, or if you are using a password that can be easily guessed, we strongly recommend changing your password immediately,” said Square Enix.

In order to mitigate the effect of the attack, Square Enix is currently restricting access to accounts it believes might have been compromised. Players who are affected by this will receive an email instructing them to change their password.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

It also recommends using additional security measures, such as encouraging the use of One-Time Passwords, which authenticate a user for a single login, thereby helping to fight against spyware, such as keyloggers. Square Enix “strongly recommends” the use of One-Time Passwords in conjunction with players’ login ID and password to ensure security and prevent unauthorised access

“Should we continue to experience rising numbers of unauthorised access attempts, a password reset for all Square Enix accounts may be initiated,” said the publisher. “We would like to remind all users to be mindful of their account security in order to protect personal information and data.”

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