Square Enix’s ‘Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’ mobile game is now live

Uncover Xehanort’s dark and mysterious past

Square Enix’s latest mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, has finally been released after a brief delay.

According to the publisher, the new storyline will focus on the adventures of a teenage Xehanort, one of the central antagonists of the Kingdom Hearts saga, on his path to become the Seeker of Darkness.

“Together with a teenage Xehanort, a young Master Eraqus, and a cast of newly introduced Keyblade Wielders, players will travel through familiar Disney worlds to defeat Heartless and uncover the mysteries surrounding Xehanort’s past,” Square Enix said in a press release.


Game director Tetsuya Nomura also explained the game’s focus on Xehanort in a statement on Twitter. “This is a story I’ve been hoping to tell for a long time,” he wrote. “It just never seems to fit in with what the team wanted to do so I shelved it.”

“When the Union χ team approached me about creating another game with a new main character, and seeing how Xehanort has a surprising number of fans, we decided to do it,” Nomura added. “This series depicts past events in a time before Sora’s existence, which is how Dark Road fits in.”

Nomura also seemed to confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III might not be the end of the main series. “‘Well, even if Dark Road isn’t part of the dark seeker saga, didn’t Kingdom Hearts conclude with KHIII?’ I’ve seen comments like this here and there, but I’d like to say that we have never made any official announcement to that effect,” he noted.

Read the full tweet below.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road features easy-to-learn, card-based gameplay, optimised for touch-based controls on mobile devices. The game is now available worldwide for iOS and Android.


In other Kingdom Hearts news, Square Enix recently announced Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory, a new rhythm game that will be released on PS4Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

The upcoming game is set to feature over 140 songs from the Disney and Kingdom Hearts universes, and will star a slew of beloved characters. They include series protagonist Sora, as well as Disney characters such as Hercules and Goofy.

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