‘Squid Game’ Red Light, Green Light game now playable in VR

You're a squid now

Play Squid Game, one of Netflix‘s most popular series of all time, in VR thanks for a fan made version of the show’s Red Light, Green Light challenge.

In the show, hundreds of debt-ridden contests compete in death games against each other in the hopes of winning a life changing sum of money. The challenge Red Light, Green Light, similar to playground game Grandma’s footsteps in the UK, has now been re-created in VR thanks to the Soaring Roc Studio developer behind Let’s Go Chopping.

In the show, and the game, contestants must move towards a disturbing mannequin after it calls Green Light. Players must then stop moving when it calls Red Light as the mannequin then turns towards the players. If the mannequin sees you moving you will promptly be shot dead.


lee jung jae squid game stills netflix 20210930
Lee Jung-jae in ‘Squid Game’. Credit: Netflix

To run in the game you must pump your arms, and therefore controllers, stopping as the doll turns. The game randomly pairs you with other players to give the Squid Game battle royale experience.  Other players are also advised to not look for other players during the Red Light phase as moving your head at this time also counts as a loss.

Currently, users have complained of a lack of other players in the game. However, with the popularity of the show, immersive titles such as this could become more popular, allowing viewers to experience the nightmare for themselves.

Those curious about the title can download it here for free, or you can name your price depending on how much you think it’s worth.

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