Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online rated for PC release

The battle royale spin-off is set to explode on PC

The Google Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online has been rated by ESRB for a PC release.

Although Konami Entertainment has not confirmed the release, Twisted Voxel first reported that the rating was on the ESRB website.

Super Bomberman R Online launched exclusively on Stadia in September 2020 and is currently free to play for any Stadia user.


It is an online-only spin-off of Super Bomberman R, which first launched in 2017 as a launch title for Nintendo Switch, which was subsequently ported to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

The Stadia release featured the exclusive Battle 64 mode, a battle royale for up to 64 players. It however consisted of 16 normal-sized maps that began with four players each, which are connected by tunnels, allowing players to travel to different stages to blow up opponents.

The ESRB listing indicates that the PC version will include “in-game purchases”. In the free Stadia version, players can opt to buy a premium pass that includes 14 character skins based on characters from Konami franchises. These include Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, and Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

In January, Konami denied it was closing its video gaming divisions after an announcement to investors indicated it was “dissolving” its game development teams as part of organisational restructuring efforts.

However, last month Google announced the closure of its internal development studios, while clarifying that Stadia will continue solely as a cloud gaming service for third parties.


Stadia is also reportedly supported on Xbox Series X|S‘s new web browsers.