‘Star Citizen’ update adds a cloud city to finish first star system

It's not quite Bespin, but we'll take it

Roberts Space Industries has released Alpha 3.14 for Star Citizen, which adds a massive city in the clouds and more.

The update adds several features, the primary of which is the Crusader gas giant and its floating city, Orison. The planet is the last to be added to the Star Citizen’s Stanton system and finishes the content plan for the location. In the clouds of the planet floats a city of platforms, connected by lattice-like bridges. The city is a well-renowned tourist destination that is now open to all players.

To help bring the city to life, a new engine update adds volumetric clouds to the game. This is in the initial implantation of RSI’s Cloud Tech, and it was used on the Crusader gas giant. It will be expanded to the rest of the Stanton system over time.


A new ship has also come to Star Citizen, the Taurus. This is a long-range galactic haulier that has a high cargo capacity and focuses on missile-based combat. To assist with missile combat, a new missile operator mode has been added. This gives greater control and accuracy when using missiles against your enemies. The missiles themselves have also been updated to use the same flight model as AI ships. This has increased their accuracy and lethality.

Dynamic events have also returned to the game with an all-new Ninetails Lockdown mission. Players are tasked with either helping or repelling a pirate blockade somewhere in the Stanton system. To improve the experience, the dynamic event systems have received several updates and quality of life improvements. This includes tweaks to friendly fire so players will no longer instantly receive a CrimeStat if their errant shots hit a friendly ship.

Elsewhere, Cyberpunk 2077’s senior combat designer has left CD Projekt Red to work on Playground Games’ Fable reboot.

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