‘Star Citizen’ update lets players sell their items and run a refuelling business

'Star Citizen' update 3.17 also brings a new ship and the universe's first river

Update 3.17 for Star Citizen has been released, with patch notes from the developer confirming the addition of several big features.

As detailed by patch notes from developer Cloud Imperium Games, update 3.17 is now live on game servers and includes plenty of new content for players to explore.

First up, the update adds a new hospital in Lorville, as well as an update to existing space station clinics across the universe which will “help each location feel more unique.”


Update 3.17 also brings rivers to the universe, and the first has appeared on microTech for players to visit.

In terms of new features, players will now be able to run their own refuelling business. Ship-to-ship refuelling is now enabled, and the process includes an interface that lets players determine how much they’d like to charge for their refuelling services.

Another new feature includes the ability for players to sell their inventory items to shops. This means players can make a bit more profit from their loot, which can now be sold “for money and includes kiosk and service support for sale of non-commodities as well.”

“This shopping update also brings sweeping changes to what each weapon and armour shop sells. Many higher-end items have been removed from weapon and armour shops and can now be found exclusively by looting corpses and crates,” added the patch notes.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen. Credit: Cloud Imperium Games


Update 3.17 also adds new Mining Gadgets to make mining “either easier and safer, or faster and riskier” based on the players’ desire.

Finally, the Star Citizen update brings a new ship called the MISC Hull-A – an “ideal tool for pilots looking to take their hauling career to the next level.”

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