‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ creative director had “kickass ideas” for third game

Dennis Brännvall has also commented on whether he would return if a third game got greenlit.

Following the news of a third Star Wars Battlefront game being rejected by EA, Battlefront II‘s creative director has responded.

On November 20, it was reported that EA DICE had pitched a third entry for the Star Wars multiplayer series, but the idea was reportedly shot down by parent company EA due to licensing costs.

It was claimed the proposed third game got turned down because, “It takes 20 per cent more sales to make the same money”, because of the Star Wars brand.


Shortly after the news of the game rejection, Star Wars Battlefront‘s former creative director, Dennis Brännvall, took to Twitter to talk about it while also responding to fans.

“It was wonderful and heartbreaking,” Brännvall said. “It’s taking me quite a while to get over the frustration, but now I look back upon my entire stay with fondness and wish everyone nothing but the best. I had some kickass ideas for SWBF3 [Star Wars Battlefront 3] though.”

As to what these ideas would be will remain a mystery, but many fans over the years have hoped that a third game could feature characters and locations from other Star Wars products such as the animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, and even Star Wars Legends.

One fan asked Brännvall if he would ever return if the third entry got greenlit. To this, he said: “It’d be hard to say no Star Wars, but a large majority of those who I worked with there and who set the foundation for both franchises have moved on. ‘Battlefront‘ is LF [LucasFilm] property though, so closed doors and open windows, etc.”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released in 2017 and went on to receive additional content as new sequel trilogy movies were released. However, EA confirmed in 2020 that The Battle On Scarif update would be the game’s last.


In other news, there are rumours that Disney and Lucasfilm Games could be teasing a new Star Wars game reveal in December.

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