‘Star Wars: Eclipse’ developer denies struggles, says work is going “serenely”

"'Star Wars: Eclipse' has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced (it)"

Star Wars: Eclipse developer Quantic Dream has hit back at recent reports that said it is struggling to attract talent, saying work on three new games is going “serenely”.

Earlier this month, Xfire published a report that said Quantic Dream was struggling to hire the talent needed to develop Star Wars: Eclipse, and that a 2027 release date was likely.

It follows the company opening a new development studio in Montreal, Canada last year, headed up by industry veteran Stéphane D’Astous.


However, in a press release shared on Wednesday (March 16) the studio claimed: “Quantic Dream is serenely carrying on the distinct development of its three in-house productions. Now that the pre-production and prototyping phases have been achieved, 2022 will mark a new progression milestone in the production phases of these three unique titles.”

Production director Sophie Buhl added: “In a constant effort to innovate, we are opening up to new types of games and challenges and we will continue to make a major effort in research and development. This offers great opportunities to those who wish to work on ambitious and innovative projects, within diverse teams that are more and more led by women.”

Speaking to GamesRadar about the rumoured delays to Star Wars: Eclipse, which was teased at the end of last year with a cinematic trailer, a spokesperson for Quantic Dream said: “Star Wars: Eclipse has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced or promised a launch window for the title. Recruiting remains active as it works on Star Wars: Eclipse, third-party publishing, and unannounced projects.”

In other news, Valve has reportedly stopped paying Ukraine-based developers for sales of their games on Steam, citing “the current environment” for its decision.


Solo indie developer Ternox Games shared an image of an email that reads “due to the current environment, we are unable to send bank payments to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine,” and asked “my country was attacked by Russia and because of this you decided to deprive me of a source of income?”

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