‘Star Wars Episode I: Racer’ gets new release date

The original game released back in 1999

The remaster for Star Wars Episode I: Racer will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch next week.

Today (June 15), Aspyr – the company behind the remaster of the original game – announced the new release date of June 23 via their official Twitter account.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer was announced during a Nintendo Direct Mini back in March and was originally due to release in May, but was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 lockdown forcing the team to work from home.


Read the company’s full statement below.

Aspyr is responsible for bringing the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series to the Nintendo Switch. The company has also been behind many gaming ports coming to Apple Macs with titles such as Mafia 3 and BioShock Infinite amongst its catalogue.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is based off the signature pod racing that featured within The Phantom Menace. It was originally released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and PC, turning the short segment from the film into a fully realised game. The game features 25 playable characters and numerous race tracks that span across eight worlds. The remasters will also include online multiplayer for the first time, allowing players to race their friends in high-octane races.

Another licensed game for the franchise was announced this week in the form of Star Wars Squadrons. Developed by EA, the game is set to be a flight based first-person shooter. Players will be able to pilot X-Wings and TIE Fighters in dramatic dog fights both online and offline. A full gameplay reveal is said to be shown during EA Play Live which is due to be aired on June 18.

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