‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ sequel could be revealed on ‘Star Wars’ day

Respawn will reportedly share the 'Jedi Fallen Order' sequel at Star Wars Celebration

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel will reportedly be revealed on May 4, the annual day which celebrates Star Wars.

Back in January, Respawn Entertainment announced that it would be creating a new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game as well as a new first-person shooter and a strategy game.

Almost two months later, according to games industry insider Jeff Grubb, the sequel will be revealed during the Star Wars Celebration convention on May 4 (via The Gamer).


On the latest Gamesbeat Decides, Grubb said: “We’re gonna hear about that in May at [the] Star Wars Celebration, [that’s] when that’s coming. So, keep an eye out for that, because that’s where it’s happening.”

Grubb is best-known for sharing behind-the-scenes details about upcoming and unreleased games and has previously revealed reliable information. EA and Respawn have yet to disclose any information on the game, so fans will have to wait and see until Star Wars Day.

At this time, it’s unclear if the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game will be a direct sequel or a completely new story featuring new characters in the universe. The game will likely continue the story of the Jedi Cal Kestis, while fans theorise that the sequel could place side characters in the main role, such as Nightsister, Merrin and former Jedi Master, Cere.

However, we do know that game director Stig Asmussen, who also directed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, will be in charge of the game’s sequel.


Elsewhere, following the announcement of Quantic Dream‘s Star Wars: Eclipse, the developer has hit back at reports that it is struggling to attract talent. The game is in very early development and will take place during the High Republic era of the universe, which takes place roughly 200 years before The Phantom Menace in The Skywalker Saga canon.

In other news, Paradox has announced the next Stellaris expansion, Overlord.

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