‘Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic’ remake won’t involve EA or Bioware

That's no EA game

A statement from EA seems to confirm that the company will not be involved with the upcoming remake of 2003’s Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic.

Responding to an inquiry from journalist Geoff Keighley over whether or not EA or Bioware is involved in Aspyr‘s remake, an EA spokesperson has declined to list Knights Of The Old Republic as one of EA’s Star Wars games. While stating the company is “proud of our long-standing collaboration with Lucasfilm Games“, the spokesperson only lists games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Squadrons and Battlefront as EA-affiliated.

While the statement is worded vaguely, it notably omits any mention of Knights Of The Old Republic‘s remake and seems to confirm that EA is not involved with the game.


Similarly, Bioware – who developed the first Knights Of The Old Republic game –  has tweeted that while the studio is “proud of the work we did on the original Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic,” they are continuing work on Star Wars: The Old Republic and “genuinely cannot wait to play Aspyr’s remake”.

A Star Wars insider discussing the remake suggested that EA and Bioware would not be involved back in January.

The Knights Of the Old Republic remake was announced during the PlayStation Showcase on September 9 and is being developed by Aspyr, which has previously worked on porting a wide number of Star Wars games to different consoles.

The game will be a timed console exclusive for PS5. However, it will also launch on PC. Speaking through a PlayStation Blog, Sony has confirmed that the remake is “still early in development”. It is being worked on by “industry veterans who have worked on great RPGs, as well as some members of the original Knights Of The Old Republic development team”.


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