‘Stardew Valley’ creator reveals a boss theme for new game ‘Haunted Chocolatier’

The theme was casually revealed during a chat about composing music

The creator of Stardew Valley has revealed music from his much anticipated follow up title, Haunted Chocolatier, during a livestream that was all about composing music.

In what became a very sudden exclusive for Reason Studios (thanks PCGamer), Eric Barone (better known as ConcernedApe) decided to play ‘Bee Boss’ while chatting. The audio can be heard at 1:37:13 in the stream, below.


The track features a typically funky rhythm with retro-styled synths and drum pads, while also having a distinctly “spooky” feel to it, which goes with the “haunted” part of the game’s name.

In the live chat, people were loving the song, saying it reminded them of Luigi’s Mansion, or an Undertale boss. After a minute or so, Barone stopped the track saying “then it just goes back to a loop”.

The host asked Barone on behalf of the chat whether it’s a “bee” boss, or “B boss”, whereby Barone played the opening which sounded very much like a buzzing saying “I think this answers your question, right?”. Later on in the stream he even showed the sound bank he used, which was called “Stoned Bees”.

“I found it by going to Reason sounds and then textures,” he added, “I typed in bee, maybe to see if there was anything that sounded right, and that was kinda perfect”. This also reveals that there will be boss fights of some kind in Haunted Chocolatier, which wasn’t known until now.


In an October update, it was revealed there is going to be a greater focus on combat, and the accompanying video showed the protagonist fighting a small bee, and combined with the reveal of the music, pretty much confirms themed bosses of some sort.

Barone also seemed happy to be able to use a trumpet sound, saying “it’s like from Super Mario 64”. Regarding ‘Bee Boss’ he said “This is a song I made very recently, and it’s like… the Stardew music I made was like ten years ago; and that’s a long time”.

Haunted Chocolatier. Credit: ConcernedApe
Haunted Chocolatier. Credit: ConcernedApe

A second track from Haunted Chocolatier was also shared during the stream, called ‘Pristine Snow’ as Barone wanted to show the soundtrack isn’t all “upbeat salsa music”. Available at the one hour 48 minute mark of the stream, ‘Pristine Snow’ is far more in keeping with the music people will know from Stardew Valley.

This isn’t the first time Barone has popped up with a seemingly random tease for his work, and in January we found out he was actually working on a third game as well.

In other news Kirby has picked up a Grammy thanks to The 8-Bit Big Band. ‘Meta Knight’s Revenge’ took home a Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella.

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