‘Stardew Valley’ Expanded mod is complete with more content planned

Basically an expansion for the original game

The biggest mod for Stardew Valley has received a substantial update this week, with plans for more soon.

Stardew Valley Expanded is the work of modder, FlashShifter. In an interview with PCGamer, FlashShifter explained that this “marks the conclusion of over three years of my life”.

The mod is up to version 1.14 but there are already plans for more. “I will begin working on SVE 2.0 soon, using all of the skills I’ve learned since starting this project”, explained the keen modder.


The fan-made mod offers another farm map, more characters, as well as new locations in Pelican Town. Essentially, it’s a lot like a ‘proper’ expansion. It means that local JojaMart manager Morris gets a storyline and house, while a previously unnamed Joja cashier becomes a marriage candidate. Players are also no longer the only farmer in town. A YouTube video below demonstrates what else to expect.

The latest Stardew Valley Expanded update adds a new area called the Highlands so players have somewhere new to explore. It also turns the game’s adventure guild character, Lance, into a marriage candidate. Other changes such as new crops, fish, and decorations are also included.

FlashShifter explained to PCGamer how he spent a “full month” developing a character event that takes place “when the player reaches a 14 heart relationship level with SVE’s added character Sophia”.

There are plans for more content with the 2.0 build too. FlashShifter has been inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and hopes to add dungeons, boss battles, and new abilities and gear. “I want to use all of the skills I’ve learned over the past three years to build a new city called Castle Village. It’s located in Galdora, a far away magical region filled with unknowns, beauties, and dangers,” he explained.

Stardew Valley Expanded is available to download via NexusMods.


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