‘Stardew Valley’ Farmtronics mod gives players a programmable farm robot

The farming tool will do all the chores you're too lazy to do.

A new Stardew Valley mod lets players use a farming robot to complete their land activity chores.

The Farmtronics mod, which was created by JoeStrout, adds a “Farmtronics Home Computer” to the tv in the player’s farmhouse. After installing, players can choose from a list of channels on the TV and the computer will appear, ready to fulfil its demands.

Players can use the built-in help command to learn how to use it, as well as the “toDo” command which suggests a series of tasks. The computer also includes a number of built-in demo programs and has full access to information about the player’s farm.


Credit: JoeStrout

After completing the toDo tasks, the player will receive the Farmtronics Bot in the mail. “These handy cybernetic farmhands can do almost anything you can do: use tools, water crops, plant seeds, etc,” the modder explains on Nexus Mods. “They can also sense their surroundings, and indicate their status by changing the color of their status light or screen.”

JoeStrout also notes that the home computer, along with the bots, are both programmed in the same language: MiniScript, “a new-ish language designed to be especially clear and easy to learn. MiniScript has an active and friendly user community, so dive in and give it a try!”

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