‘Stardew Valley’ patch is out – teases future “Holy Grail” changes

New patch of grass, same old farm

Stardew Valley has a new patch out on PC, version 1.5.5, adding technical changes for modders, quality of life updates, and bug fixes, with the notes teasing some “holy grail” changes are on the way.

In regards to modding, some architectural changes were made to the game. The biggest change there was moving the game from the XNA framework to MonoGame. According to the patch notes, this will futureproof the game, and allow mods to access more than 4 gigabytes of RAM. The notes also teased that update 1.5.6 is on the way, along with it some, “long requested ‘holy grail’ changes which should make some aspects of modding much easier.”

Version 1.5.5 of Stardew Valley wasn’t a particularly huge patch, but there are a number of quality of life changes that are sure to make things easier. You can now hold the CTRL button in addition to the shift button to purchase or craft stacks of 25 items at a time. If you start a new save file, and have customised your settings in a previous save, then many of those will default to the changes you’ve made. And you can also buy back items you accidentally sold, as long as you do so in the same shopping session.


There were also several fixes to the game. A number of localisation issues were updated, such as Shane’s 6-heart event soft-locking in the Hungarian translation. An issue with hard mode mines becoming permanently enabled has been fixed. There was also an issue where players entering the farm from the south while on a horse and triggering an event could cause the player to get stuck on a wall, which has also been fixed. And an issue where moving a cabin with a cellar would cause the stairs to the cellar to warp out of bounds has also been fixed.

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