‘Starfield’ brings Bethesda’s “most flexible character creation yet”

'Starfield' received an in-depth gameplay trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which also saw outpost and spaceship crafting

After showcasing a vast amount of gameplay including worlds, weapons, combat and much more at the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Starfield has also been revealed to provide “the most flexible character creation yet” in a Bethesda game.

The choices the player makes and who they decide to be will affect the stories experienced throughout Starfield, Bethesda’s first brand new IP in 25 years. Players can pick a background for their character which gives three starting skills and will have an effect in-game, offering up new routes and conversations for different backgrounds.


The skill system combines the best from Bethesda’s previous games and allows skill ranking by using the skills and completing in-game challenges. Crafting is expansive and allows players to build their own outposts that act as a home away from home for survival and resource generation. Players decide everything, from where and how to build each outpost, through to hiring characters they’ve met throughout the game to keep things ticking along.

Along with outpost crafting, spaceship crafting will be a feature in Starfield. There are a multitude of different modules, ship manufacturers and more variables to enable the player to craft their dream spaceship to navigate the game. The aesthetics of the spaceship are decided, but so too is the way it performs.

Flying the crafted spaceship once you’re happy with the build shows a glorious space environment, along with intergalactic combat. Crimson Fleet Ghosts are the enemies shown in the latest trailer, though quickly fall victim to the weapons chosen by the player. Locking on to enemies is another shown feature as well as the procedure for safely docking your custom spaceship once the destination had been reached.

After originally being delayed along with Bethesda’s other current project, RedfallStarfield will release for consoles and PC in 2023. We also got a look at Redfall tonight, with the vamp slaying shooter showing off a new trailer with some in-game footage.

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