‘Starfield’ fan brings Chunks to life with a cube of baked beans

No one knows what Chunks are actually made of in 'Starfield'

A Starfield player challenged their self to recreate Chunks, the ubiquitously successful brand of food in the sci-fi game, and players have been won over.

Chunks are small cubes infused with flavours that are reminiscent of natural and processed foods and drinks. The idea that the founder based his enterprise on was that the majority of people did not care what they ate as long as its taste was pleasant.

As such, no one knows how Chunks are made in the world of Starfield. Chunks come in a range of flavours – apple, cheesecake, chicken, egg, potato, wine and something called “Cabernet Chunkignon”. In spite of the mystery, Reddit user MediumStrawberry7985 took it upon themselves to create something similar to Chunks in real life (via PC Gamer). Check it out below:

Saw someone else do it on here so figured I’d try to make everything chunks lol
byu/MediumStrawberry7985 inStarfield


The beans and egg appear to have both been moulded in an ice cube tray, with a blob of yolk on the egg Chunks to aesthetically simulate a fully formed fried egg.

MediumStrawberry7985 confirmed that the dish is hot rather than cold, as the beans were “compressed” into the ice cube tray and then “plopped out”. The spam and tomato were also shaped with the tray and a drizzling of sauce brings the whole thing together.

Though the concept is slightly dystopian, the player maintained that it still tasted good, achieving the aim of the fictional food brand. Graffiti in Neon, one of Starfield‘s cities, urges citizens “don’t eat Chunks”, but it seems that even humans in this day and age found it tough to deny temptation.

“I just want to know if I should open a White Wine Juice Box or wash this down with a Beer Juice Box,” joked one Reddit user.

In other gaming news, Inon Zur opened and closed the performance of Starfield‘s score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, which is available to watch here.

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