‘Starfield’ video shows off robotic companion Vasco

Vasco is primarily a peaceful robot

A new video has shown off one of the characters you can meet in Starfield Vasco, a robotic companion.

An official Vasco behind the scenes video has been shared to IGN’s YouTube channel providing a bit of detail on the companion character. “We’re excited to introduce you to one of our favourite companions in the game, Constellation’s very own expeditionary robot Vasco,” Starfield lead artist Istvan Pely begins the video.

“As an early model built by Lunar Robotics, Vasco was refurbished to meet the requirements of Constellation’s mission,” continues Pely. “He’s a utilitarian heavy industrial machine well suited to the rigours of space travel.”


Pely goes on to explain that the Starfield’s companion’s design is based on a “standard Type A bipedal chassis,” which lets it travel across rough terrain with all the gear and payload capacity he might need for long journeys. Vasco also apparently has defensive capabilities if the needs be, but his primary role is peaceful. How that translates in the game itself is unclear though.

A recent profile on Bethesda‘s website focused on Starfield lead designer and writer Emil Pagliarulo also gave us more of an insight into the upcoming RPG. In the profile, Pagliarulo said that “it’s been so awe-inspiring watching Starfield morph into this amazing game, little by little, and with us covering so much new ground.” He also said that he believes “players are going to lose their minds” when they finally get to play the game.

It also seems like Starfield will be drawing from some of Bethesda’s older titles like Oblivion. In a video detailing Starfield’s RPG systems, a persuasion system that will let players influence NPCs in the world was discussed, which ended up being similar to the one found in Oblivion. 

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