‘Starfield’ will include a persuasion mechanic drawn from ‘Oblivion’

"It feels like a conversation where you're actually trying to persuade somebody of something"

Bethesda has revealed that its upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield has drawn inspiration from Oblivion with its persuasion mechanic.

On Tuesday (March 16), Bethesda shared a video titled ‘Made for Wanderers‘, which goes into more detail regarding Starfield‘s RPG systems.

One of these systems – a persuasion system that will let players influence NPCs in the world – has now been detailed.


“We knew we wanted to do some kind of persuasion mini-game thing,” shared Emil Pagliarulo, design director at Bethesda.

Lead quest designer Will Shen then added “we sat down, and it was funny: we didn’t start with “let’s look back at the old Oblivion system”, but there are a couple of beats there.”

Starfield. Credit: Bethesda

“You have to think about, “What’s my risk here? Which one do I want to choose?” We didn’t want it to be a system where there was definitely the right thing to say,” Shen explained.

“It feels like a conversation where you’re actually trying to persuade somebody of something,” added game director Todd Howard. “As far as new systems in dialogue, I think it’s definitely one of the most successful ones that we’ve had.”

During the rest of the video, which is just under six minutes in total, the developers also discussed several other elements of Starfieldincluding the fact that it was inspired by “older, hardcore RPGs”. 


The team also discusses the various factions in Starfield, how players will be able to interact with them, and what companions will add to the world.

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